Yoga & Injuries

If you have an injury aggravated by a yoga pose we are able to work with you so that you will understand your specific biomechanics and how to modify the yoga pose to suit you.


Improve Core Strength

Through attention to correct form and alignment in performing yoga poses the core and stabilizing muscles are activated for optimal core strength.


Increase Flexibility and Strength

Strengthen and stretch your muscles in balance to provide optimal range of joint motion and support.


Align – Improve Your Posture

Through the combination of increased muscle balance and awareness to create optimal strength and alignment your posture will improve.


Improve Balance and Co-ordination

By challenging the body in yoga poses requiring balance and co-ordination these abilities can be improved, whilst focusing and calming the mind.



Certain yoga poses have a calming effect on the body and mind, allowing the body to recuperate, repair and rejuvenate from the effects of physical illness and mental stress.

Slow diaphragmatic breathing has been shows to have considerable health benefits, such a lowering high blood pressure, managing stress, calming and centering the mind.

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